When you wear what you love, the rest is effortless


Grey State is an ethical and sustainable clothing brand owned and operated by women. We offer a curated selection of relaxed, seasonless pieces with the belief that fashion should complement, not complicate. Grey State represents a neutral space that’s neither black nor white; a symbol of today’s modern woman and a new, fluid lifestyle – adaptable, multi-faceted, and ever-changing. We believe in a versatile wardrobe for work, home, and leisure time, designed with the intent to help you move through life with ease and comfort.


Because fashion should complement, not complicate.

I started Grey State to make women's lives easier. If we can make the decision of what to wear simpler, then we've taken off some of the burdens. (We've already got enough on our plates!) By focusing on fits that are universally flattering, timeless silhouettes, and luxuriously soft fabrics,we offer a wardrobe that gives you effortless style and irresistible comfort all day long. So you can focus on what really matters.

-Saima Chowdhury

How we do business is just as important as what we do.


Our values start with our materials; sustainability isn’t just about the impact of clothing as it’s made, it’s also about how pieces are valued by consumers. The clothing industry is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions, and 85% of what is produced ends up in the landfill. Our solution is surprisingly simple: style. Every garment we make has to earn its place in a woman's wardrobe, which is why we put so much care into designing clothes that are trend relevant, but not trend-driven. Seasonless styles with clean, simple silhouettes are key to creating wardrobe staples that will be worn (and loved) for years to come.

We are invested in our impact. Grey State is owned and operated by women who care deeply about people and the planet. Our factory has a LEED Gold certification, is powered by solar energy; we signed on with UPS Carbon Neutral to mitigate climate impact through certified offsets for all our packages; and we partner with Better Work Bangladesh, International Finance Corporation (IFC), HERproject, Gender Equality and Returns (GEAR), Mothers@Work, and the Menstruation Project to name a few initiatives. We’re not perfect, but we believe that small actions can make a big impact through our practices, philanthropy, and partnerships.
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