Grey State is owned and operated by women who care deeply about people and the planet. We map all of our manufacturing processes, sustainability efforts and charitable giving. We’re not perfect, but we believe that small actions can make a big impact.

That’s why we rely on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, a set of 17 goals designed to ease world problems like poverty, gender inequality, and climate change. The UN stresses the importance of reaching each of these goals by 2030 to achieve a healthier, more sustainable future for all people. At Grey State, we want to help. We map all our manufacturing processes, sustainability efforts, and charitable giving onto these goals. We are not perfect, but we believe that the choices we make matter and small actions can have a big impact.

Ethical Standards

We put people first

We believe that everybody in our supply chain deserves fair wages, healthy working conditions, and a sense of dignity about their work.

To protect the health and well-being of the people involved in our production:

We work with third party organizations that audit our factories on a regular basis to ensure we are abiding by all laws and regulations. Most importantly, the reports enable us to identify opportunities so we can be on a path of continuous improvement.

All of our factories are certified by the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) program, which means that we adhere to WRAP’s 12 principles for safe, legal, and ethical manufacturing.

We have 24-hour doctor-staffed medical centers in all our manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh to ensure easy access to health care.

We contribute funding to Beautiful Mind, a school in Dhaka, Bangladesh for children with intellectual disabilities.


We care about the planet

We know there’s a better way to make clothes, which is why we work hard to keep our environmental impact as low as possible.

It helps that we’re a fully vertical family-owned brand. By handling the entire manufacturing process ourselves, we’re able to dramatically reduce waste, energy use, and environmental pollution at every stage of production.

The factory where we make our clothes:

Has a LEED Gold certification, a globally recognized rating for healthy and energy-efficient buildings. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) was created to establish a framework of how to run buildings in the most sustainable and ecologically friendly way. LEED assesses buildings and offers certificates to those which are meeting their standards of sustainability and efficiency. Our factory’s LEED certification ensures that our production facilities are safe, efficient, and environmentally-friendly.

Is powered by solar energy.

Generates additional energy from fabric scraps to power our irons

Uses USA cotton for fabric production. Grey State uses USA grown cotton because we believe that truly great fashion starts with truly great materials. Not only is cotton USA of superior quality and durability, but it’s made with industry leading standards of sustainability. Cotton USA farmers grow cotton on family owned farms, passed down through generations. They take pride in growing the highest caliber of cotton and leaving the land better than they found it. Cotton USA has the strictest government enforced regulations which means that farmers are held to peak standards. Every year, the US cotton industry seeks to improve its standards and reduce its environmental effects. Future goals include reducing energy usage by 15%, increasing water usage efficiency by 18%, and cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 39%. The US cotton industry was the first to test 100% of its bales––which means total transparency. When you wear Cotton USA you know exactly what you’re getting. Cotton USA farmers consistently improve their technology and techniques for a cleaner cotton and a better future. We use cotton USA because we understand that where our fabric comes from is just as important as how it feels.

Uses azo-free dyes instead of the cheaper, more frequently-used azo dyes that are harmful to both the planet and your health. Azo dyes have been a long-time staple in the fashion industry because they’re cheap, fast, and easy to use. Azo dyes are synthetic dyes which can have severe consequences on our ecological well-being. Most Azo dyes are water-soluble meaning that the body can absorb them through the skin and mouth. They can cause irritation, contain carcinogens, and inflict bodily damage. Not only are azo dyes absorbable into the body, but they can also be absorbed into aquatic environments, having harmful effects on our oceans and aquatic animals. 

Reduced its lighting load by 87% after we switched from conventional lighting to LED lighting

Harvests local rainwater for its water needs.

Has a biological effluent treatment plant where bacteria remove harmful chemicals from our garment factory’s wastewater ensuring that the water released into the environment is free of ecological harm.

We are committed to reducing our carbon foot print by:

Using upcycled textile waste to create soft, beautiful fabrics that feel luxurious while reducing our carbon footprint. Textile wastes are a heavy burden on our planet’s resources. Approximately 15% of fabric is wasted during the production process, usually to be burned or discarded into landfills. By recycling textile waste we save water, dyes, and chemicals that would have been needed to process “new” fabric. Because the waste fabric has already been colored, it can be sorted by color, shredded into fiber, and converted to yarn without using any additional water or chemicals. By recycling our used textiles, we give them new life, reducing waste and carbon emissions.

Donating a dollar from every Grey State purchase to plant a tree through One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization focused on reforestation. One Tree Planted is a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation. Their goal is simple: make it easy for people to understand the importance of trees and make it even easier to get trees in the ground. One Tree Planted works in communities around the globe, collaborating with locals and choosing the best tree species for a given environment. Trees are an essential part of our ecosystems, helping clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and providing habitat to over 80% of the world's biodiversity. Every tree planted makes a difference in restoring health to our Earth. Grey State is dedicated to doing our part–– that’s why for every Grey State purchase, $1 goes directly to planting a tree. For more information visit

Signing on with UPS Carbon Neutral to mitigate climate impact through certified offsets for all our packages. UPS’s offset purchases neutralize the calculated carbon impact from shipping by reducing it elsewhere through the funding of environmentally responsible projects. Once purchased, UPS retires offsets according to industry standards. A certified, market-based financial instrument, a carbon offset is designed to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Targeted projects include: Reforestation, methane and landfill gas destruction and wastewater treatment.

Female Empowerment

We Are Women Empowering Women

Grey State is owned and operated by women who are committed to empowering other women. We believe that by equipping women with opportunities for education and fair employment, we’re making the world better for all people.

In Bangladesh, 42% of girls drop out of school before the tenth grade. This is why we fully fund Malek Chowdhury Memorial Girls’ School, in Gazipur, Bangladesh in the vicinity of our factories – because for women, education is power.

We also:

Provide childcare for parents at our production facilities.

Partner with Better Work Bangladesh and International Finance Corporation (IFC), whose GEAR (Gender Equality and Returns) initiative seeks to correct gender imbalances in Bangladesh’s garment industry. We work with GEAR to identify female floor workers well-suited to supervisory positions and then promote them.

We know you care about more than just your outfit’s appearance - that working conditions, environmental impact and personal health also determine where you shop for clothes. This is why we try to be as clear, honest, and transparent about our manufacturing process as possible. We care about these things, too.

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