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You know that just-stepped-into-the-shower feeling? The water is the perfect temperature and you can feel your shoulders finally relax as you breathe in the steam? It may not be a trip to the spa, but those few moments of self care are so precious that we based our newest collection on precisely that feeling. You won’t believe how these incredible pieces let you hold onto that sense of relief and ease all day long.

By crafting our pieces with innovative new fabrics, we’ve been able to weave the goodness of your favorite skincare routine right into the fabric. Seriously. Our milk modal yarn is not only soft on skin, it brings softness to skin. Blended with hydrating amino acids in every strand, the milk modal used to make our Milk Modal Dream Tee will nourish your skin as you wear them taking self care to a whole new level.

Softness and sustainability are at the core of everything we make, and the Wellness Collection is no exception.

Our Cotton Collagen pieces, like our Cotton Collagen Renew Tee, are infused with collagen fiber which has anti-aging and moisturizing properties. With the technology of fibers, we’re able to blend collagen peptides with premium pima cotton for skin friendly fabrics that are more than just luxuriously soft, they’re actually nourishing.

And we can’t wait for you to slip into our super soft Micromodal Pure Tee made with our favorite micromodal that brings lightweight comfort day in and day out. Micromodal offers natural temperature regulation by wicking away moisture and contains anti-microbial properties that resist environmental harm. 


If your first choice of the day is what to put on after your shower, we’re here to make sure you have stylish, seasonless pieces to choose from. Not just clothes that look good and feel good, but clothes that are good for you and the environment. Every piece in our wellness collection is breathable, beautiful, and biodegradable. What more could you ask for? Oh right! They’re machine washable. We love you too.

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Ethical fashion is recognizing there are human beings behind the clothes we wear.

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