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Made with USA Cotton

Because truly great fashion starts with truly great materials.

Not only is cotton USA of superior quality and durability, but it also follows industry leading standards of sustainability. Cotton USA farmers grow cotton on family owned farms, passed down through generations. They take pride in growing the highest caliber of cotton and leaving the land better than they found it. Cotton USA has the strictest government enforced regulations which means that farmers are held to peak standards.

Every year, the US cotton industry seeks to improve its standards and reduce its environmental effects. Future goals include reducing energy usage by 15%, increasing water usage efficiency by 18%, and cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 39%. The US cotton industry was the first to test 100% of its bales––which means total transparency. Cotton USA farmers consistently improve their technology and techniques for a cleaner cotton and a better future. 

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New Arrivals

Ethical fashion is recognizing there are human beings behind the clothes we wear.

Elizabeth Joy

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