Say hello to nourishment

By crafting our pieces with innovative new fabrics, we’ve been able to weave the goodness of your favorite skincare routine right into the fabric.

Milk Modal

Stay immersed in cloud-like comfort all day long. Silky soft to the touch, every fiber in our Milk Modal fabric has been carefully infused with extracted amino acids for moisturization and hydration. An additional benefit—its Lenzing® Modal fibers are crafted from renewable beech trees, so you’re supporting sustainability efforts while looking (& feeling) like a million bucks. 

Cotton Collagen

Our brand-new Cotton Collagen was created to do more than just clothe you. Crafted from a blend of luxurious collagen-infused fibers and premium pima cotton, this fabric isn’t just luxuriously soft--it’s actually nourishing. State-of-the-art technology infuses fibers with collagen peptides for hydration and anti-aging benefits. Trust us when we say, you’ll never want to take this fabric off.


Slip into luxury with our heavenly soft & unbelievably yummy Micromodal. Key qualities like breathability, washability, and temperature regulation make this fabric the ace up our sleeve when it comes to livable yet luxurious clothing. Made from 100% biodegradable Lenzing® fibers, we’ve succeeded in creating a premium fabric that’s sustainably biodegradable, yet silk-soft on skin. Because we want our fabric to mean something to you. 



Breathable and soft for maximum comfort. Heavenly soft modal feels silky smooth against the skin. 


Contains anti-bacterial properties to help shield and protect against harmful environmental factors. 

Sustainable & Biodegradable

Made with sustainable lenzing modal with non-toxic dyes to help reduce environmental impact. Fabrics are also created with 10-20X less water than cotton. 

Machine Washable

Designed to maintain special properties without losing effectiveness after washing.