Spring Business Casual Outfits for Women

Spring Business Casual Outfits for Women

Spring Business Casual Outfits: A 2024 Guide for Women

After a few months of gloomy and cold winter weather, everyone’s looking forward to seeing daffodils and crocuses bloom—indicating the arrival of spring and its warmer weather. However, the arrival of all these new colors also means it’s high time to refresh your 9-to-5 wardrobe. You should consider what comes next while you shed that winter clothing and put it away.

Putting together a business casual wardrobe for spring 2024 isn’t as simple as swapping warm and comfy winter sweaters for shirts and blouses made from lighter fabric. There are a lot of new trends this year. Read on to learn how to stay caught up and bring the most confident business casual wear into spring.

What’s Trending in Women’s Business Casual for Spring?

For Spring 2024, women’s business casual wear is getting a stylish and comfortable update that’s perfect for today’s dynamic work environments.

This season, expect a palette of pastel shades in blues, pinks, and yellows. Alongside these, vibrant floral and geometric prints are making a comeback. This injects a playful yet sophisticated vibe into workplace attire.

Gone are the days of stiff office wear. Now, softer tailoring in trousers and blazers offers both comfort and a polished look. This makes them suitable for both office and remote work.

As spring temperatures can be unpredictable, layering with lightweight knits and cardigans allows for easy adjustments. You’ll be comfortable and stylish throughout the day. They come in various lengths and styles, allowing for seamless transitions from casual to more formal settings.

Classic pieces like pencil skirts and blazers are getting modern updates with new materials and cuts. For instance, blazers might come in a cropped length or a wrap style, offering a fresh take on the boardroom staple.

Create Up Your Spring Business Casual Look for Spring 2024

Creating a fresh business casual look for spring 2024 involved incorporating spring fashion trends with more professional wardrobe staples whilst ensuring comfort. Here’s what you need to know.


Blazers, like Estelle from Grey State Appeal, are perfect for transitional weather when mornings are chilly but noons are quite hot. They’re usually seen as business formal pieces, but since it’s always better to dress up than down, you can easily combine them with casual clothing items. They pair well with casual shirts, chinos, jeans, or even a lightweight dress.


Business dresses are typically more formal pieces that can be incorporated into spring workwear if they’re carefully combined with more casual clothing items, like pairing Samira Dress with Daphne Blazer. However, dresses can also be combined with chunky sweaters and even trench coats if the weather demands.


We can’t really compromise the length of the skirt so as not to break their formality in the business environment, but we can complement skirt outfits with more causal items to achieve a business casual look. 

For example, a Giselle skirt would pair nicely with a Prosecco Kaya Top in a business casual environment, though you can easily wear any pencil skirt with an informal shirt tucked in or a flared skirt paired with a regular t-shirt. Avoid heels if you’re going for a business casual look. Go with loafers instead.


Pants are perhaps the most versatile piece of garment when it comes to combining business casual work outfits. You can opt for slacks, such as Colby Pant—which are the staple of a capsule wardrobe—and combine them with your favorite formal or casual shirt, like the Monroe Tank, or you can simply go with the Wyatt Pant and Pearl Tee combination for a more relaxed office look. Whatever the case, both pair well with loafers.

FAQs about How to Pull off Business Casual in the Spring

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about spring business casual: 

Are jeans business casual?

Yes and no. Jeans can be business casual, but it depends on the workplace environment and the type and style of jeans. Dark, tailored, and undistressed jeans with non-contrast stitching are typically acceptable in more relaxed business settings. However, you want to avoid overly tight, baggy, ripped, or otherwise embellished jeans. If you’re unsure whether to wear jeans as part of your business casual, the answer is: go with tailored dress pants.

What shoes aren’t business casual? 

Sandals, athletic footwear, strappy high heels, flip flops, and clogs are against business casual dress codes, so it’s best to avoid them. If you’re looking for more appropriate footwear, go with a pair of closed, clean, and professional shoes such as a flat shoe or low-heel. 

Prioritize comfort, and if you’re buying new footwear, make sure to wear them at home for brief periods daily over two weeks. This will allow you to “break them in” and avoid dealing with foot injuries at work.

What is business casual attire for spring?

Spring work outfits usually involve lighter fabrics and more pops of colors. Some of the most common choices include chinos, skirts, black pants, midi dresses, and blouses made from lighter, breathable material. But don’t forget that spring has fluctuating weather.

What about layering?

Layering is key for managing the predictable spring weather. While we recommend lighter fabrics, adding a lightweight cardigan or a tailored blazer to your workwear office outfits is a sound idea. These pieces of clothing can be easily removed or added as needed and help with those early morning temperatures, as well as transitions from outdoor warmth to air-conditioned offices.

Do You Need the Right Clothes for Business Casual in the Spring?

Finding the right business casual outfit for spring takes some experimenting, and you might have to refresh your work wardrobe. So, whether you’re applying for a position at a new workplace or just looking for new work outfit ideas, Grey State Appeal is here to help alleviate any struggles related to finding the right outfit. 

We have plenty of options to choose from; while some might be on the more casual side, aimed at more creative workplaces, we also offer some dressier garments and more formal styles to choose from. There’s no need to struggle to assemble business casual summer workwear; just visit our website, and we’ll help you.

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